Safe. Exciting. New life with old charm. This is Richmond, Virginia. Consider moving here as these are the words that describe Richmond, the city I call home. 

Ever since moving here, I am in awe about how awesome this city truly is. And today, I am going share with you some of the many reasons this city is awesome. 

Traffic is really not that bad

Coming from Los Angeles, where it could take 45 minutes to go five miles. Rush hour is a breeze. You can pretty much get across the metro area within 20 minutes. Yes, there are toll roads but you do not have to take them. It’s also really easy to navigate the streets here. 

You can afford a home

Before I moved here, my wife and I were working white collar professionals and would barely be able to afford a 2 bedroom home with good schools in Los Angeles. What’s the average home price in Richmond Virginia you ask? According to, the median home price in Richmond is $255K. This was one of the draws for us because not only were we able to buy a home but we are also able to enjoy dinners out and take vacations. ​​

A feather to highlight Richmond's history

You’ve got the burbs and the city  

​ There is so much history to be found… with Monument Avenue listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the homes and buildings are from the early 1900s. As well as there were some pretty significant events that happened in Richmond… such as Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. There are also plenty of museums as well as a vibrant arts scene that make the culture here so great.

There’s a vibrant food scene ​

There are a bunch of independent restaurants that make the food scene here one to experience. Also there are a ton of food festivals where you can experience Lebanese, Indian, Sri Lankan and African food just to name a few. ​

Richmond has a strong community feel ​

Richmond still has the small town charm… your neighbors are neighbors and not strangers. They become friends you can count on during difficult times as well as enjoy a good time. I can’t tell you how many times I have been able to count on my neighbors. There’s so much diversity.

You have almost every race and religion living here which lends to delicious food, music, and festivals. There is also an amazing amount of breweries and cider houses out in Richmond.

The outdoor life is amazing

From the James River to the tons of outdoor parks, there is always something to do outside. What great is that most of the city, county and state parks are free. Some of my favorites include Maymont Park and Deep Run Park. What’s amazing as well as that a lot of these parks are pet friendly! There are trails where you can hike to the James River as well as kayak, canoe or go tubing on the river. Of course there is even more to do… I am still uncovering more outdoor activities here every day. ​

You’re central to almost everything

Two hours… that‘s what you need to remember. Richmond is two hours from the mountains and two hours to the ocean and two hours from Washington, DC. It makes it easy to take day trips to Virginia Beach and the Blue Ridge mountains. 

​You’re close to many popular destinations and resorts 

Not only is Richmond central to Virginia destinations but you are only a short flight away from New York City as well as Orlando, Florida. Can you say Disney World? 

The Caribbean and Europe are much closer than a West Coast flight, which means more of your time off can be used toward enjoying your vacation versus flying there!


Now I am going to stop telling you about how great Richmond is, because you really need to come here and decide for yourself. 

I’ll just leave you with my last thought. Richmond still continues to blow my expectations out of the water with all that there is to do but also the gentility of the people. Nowhere have I been where the people are so kind. This goes for those that are natives and those that are transplants. 

What have you heard about Richmond that makes it special? Did I mention it in this post?