Richmond and allergies can sometimes be synonymous. Since Richmond is in the top 20 of allergy capitals for fall allergies, chances are if you suffer from allergies you will feel them during this season. Even though you can’t escape the allergens outside, you can reduce what is inside. Below are some ways you can reduce allergens by keeping a clean home. 

Check your air filters

Filters are cleaning devices that trap dirt, dust and pollen particles floating in your home. As great as air filters are for helping to keep your lungs clean, they need to be checked regularly so that they perform at their best. 

How often do I need to check my air filter? You should check your air filter every 30 days, and if it is dirty, it is time to change it. ​

Vacuum often ​

Vacuuming clears dust and debris from the floor. It is important to have a good vacuum, especially if you are sensitive to seasonal allergies. If you are sensitive you should to buy a vacuum with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. HEPA filters capture even more dust than traditional vacuums. Check out Consumer Reports as they have a great write up on the best vacuums for those with seasonal allergies. 

Dust, dust, dust ​

Although it may seem like a chore, dusting is crucial during allergy season and is one of the easiest ways to remove dust. You should make sure that you dust your bedroom, as this is most likely the one room in your house where you spend the most hours. Its best to use a microfiber cloth when you dust as it will trap the dust particles. ​

Wash your sheets 

It’s best to wash your sheets weekly. If not weekly try not to go longer than two weeks between washes. Also, remember that hotter water kills more germs. Keep in mind to review the label so that you are using the best cleaning instructions for your sheets. ​

Keep the windows closed

Although the cooler air may seem inviting. It can be hard to breathe if fall allergies are a concern. Try to use your air conditioner if you want to cool your home. ​


Even though fall is here in Richmond, and allergies may be back I hope these tips will help you reduce the amount of allergens in your home. 

Do you have any other tips you can share? If so, please do share in the comments below.